Installation problem

jludwig wralphie at
Mon Jun 21 13:53:05 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-06-20 at 10:02, Arthur Foo wrote:
> I have checked the MD5SUM for disc1 is ok before I
> burn the CD from the iso image i downloaded from ftp
> mirror site. i have used different brands of cd and
> even lower the speed to 4x. I verify the cd by copy
> the entire disk in windows to a temp folder and the
> copy is no problem. I also install on 2 different pc
> and before installation, i go through the media test
> process and the result is pass. yet, the installation
> fails in the middle saying there is media error, or
> the package is corrupt ...
> what can i do ?
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I have seen some, especially older, cdrom drive that will crap out on
long operations. Also memory issues (do a memtest) will cause problems.

1) Try another cdrom drive
2) Check your memory with memtest (on CD #1)
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