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how to create an encrypted ext3 filesystem using "cryptsetup"?

one of those things for which the docs are tantalizingly incomplete -- what is the minimal amount of work i need to do to simply create and mount an encrypted ext3 filesystem on FC2?

as a start, i installed using LVM2, creating a single volume group "vol0". so, to create an encrypted filesystem, i first added a new LV with:

# lvcreate --size 1G --name crypt vol0

which correctly created the new files:

/dev/vol0/crypt -> /dev/mapper/vol0-crypt

so far, so good.

at this point, based on the docs, i would run "cryptsetup", but there's no incantation i've tried that works. there's no man page for cryptsetup, and everything i try comes back with:

  # cryptsetup ...
  Command failed: invalid argument.

not overly helpful. :-P

  (by the way, given that "aes" is the default cipher, i figured out
quickly that i needed to "modprobe aes" first.)

so ... what's the rest of the recipe to get my encrypted FS?


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