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Re: Three FC1 minor quibbles

On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 21:07, John McBride wrote:
> 1) Out of all linux machines in my building (dozens) one machine (with 
> an intel gigabit ether card) does not have the IFF_MULTICAST flag set. 
> This seems really odd, since I've seen msgs on the web implying that 
> pretty much every ether card is multicast capable. Ignore the unset flag 
> and multicast works fine.

Sorry, no idea.

> 2) Changing the yp/nis server in /etc/yp.conf and 
> /etc/sysconfig/networking (NISDOMAIN), then doing a /etc/init.d/ypbind 
> restart fails. It somehow caches the /etc/sysconfig/networking entry, 
> and ignores changes to the NISDOMAIN entry. Even /sbin/init 1 then 
> /sbin/init 3 won't pick up the change. Rebooting the machine, however, 
> does work.

Change your domain name first using `domainname`.

> 3) Logging into the same account from multiple machines (using dhcp/NIS 
> and a NFS home directory) somehow breaks gdm or gconfd (I think those 
> are the daemons) terribly. The machines often refuse to log out of X, 
> demanding a ctrl-alt-backspace, and logging back in displays a number of 
> gnome startup errors. rm -rf'ing the contents of /tmp fixes this.

If you change the hostname of the machine, you will get the same
problems.  I am not sure why these errors occur, but I have the same
problem, and the same fix works for me.


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