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Re: Running tomcat on FC2

> > I have installed the tomcat rpms.
> > Now I want to have a look at the examples on the
> > online docs.
> > 
> > httpd is already running.
> > 
> > I do an /etc/init.d/tomcat start and up it comes.
> > 
> > Now how do I access the online docs?
> > I see from the logs that a connector is running on
> > 8009. Doesn't this
> > mean I should be able to connect through Apache
> > httpd? If so, what is
> > the URL?
> > 
> > Thanks for any help you can give me.
> > -- 
> > Colin Paul Adams
> > Preston Lancashire

I am not sure how this works with the RPM, since I install Tomcat
straight from Apache (along with the web server).  I also compile
mod_perl, mod_python, mod_php, and mod_jk2 to get everything set up in a
fashion consistent with discussions going on in the Tomcat, Cocoon,
Xindice, and Jonas mailing lists.

That said, Tomcat does come ready to run albeit on a different port.

server.xml has a lot of ports enabled by default.  Here are the standard
ones and what they're used for:

Port Number	Usage
8005		shutdown
8009            jk2 / AJP 1.3 connector between Apache and Tomcat
8080            HTTP 1.1 connector - this is what you want
8082            Proxied HTTP 1.1 connector - commented out
8443            SSL HTTP 1.1 connector - commented out

Tomcat 5 has the capability for clustering, so there is a multicast
setup as well, which is commented out by default.

In short, when you want to look at Tomcat material, point your browser
at http://localhost:8080/ or http://<hostname>:8080/, where <hostname>
is your host name.

The documentation explains how to get the Apache httpd to forward
requests via port 8009 to Tomcat.  Once you get that set up, you should
be able to use http://localhost/<appname>, where <appname> is the web
application you're interested in to get to Tomcat-supported

There are several step-by-step articles on the Tomcat Wiki on how to do
this.  Here is the current URL for the Wiki:


I see that my how-to documents have gotten nuked again.  Oh well, there
are a lot of good documents at this site, and all will help you get
things up and running.

just my two cents . . . .

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