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Re: MIDI Sequencer

On Mon, 2004-06-21 at 07:59, Aurélien Deleusière wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was impressed when I was installing the Fedora release. There is only one
> software (except the games) I need under Linux to forget Windows : Cakewalk.
> What is the best music software for Linux ?

There is no such thing as "best music software". It depends on your
particular needs.

Rosegarden and Muse are pretty good MIDI sequencers. Both have also
sound track capabilities (in addition to MIDI tracks).
However, perhaps it's better to use Ardour in conjuction with Rosegarden
or Muse - it's a dedicated DAW application. There are ways to
synchronize Ardour with the sequencers, so that starting one of them
will trigger the other.
You will probably need to run JACK to glue everything together.

Use the LADSPA filters to process the soundtracks - they're pretty much
like the VST plugins.

Seq24 is a nice application if all you want is a loop-oriented

PlanetCCRMA has all those applications already packaged for Fedora.


Florin Andrei


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