Fedora Core 2 Kernel 2.6.5-1.435 hangs / freezes

ne... akabi at speakeasy.net
Mon Jun 21 19:25:01 UTC 2004

On Jun 21, 2004 at 19:07, Clive Long in a soothing rage wrote:

>   Has anyone, apart from me, experienced Fedora Core
>2 Kernel 2.6.5-1.435 completely hanging / locking-up
>the machine? No obvious pattern of actions causes this
>problem. There are no error messages before the
>lock-up occurs. The machine keyboard becomes
>completely unreponsive and I have to perform a power
>down, power-up recycle to recover the machine.
I haven't. You left out the most important factor tho:
the hardware you have and if anything by nVidia, the
drivers you use...

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