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Re: Waht is up with mount?

Mark Lanett wrote:

Or you could just run fdisk and change the partition type to linux (82 or
83, I forget which). That's undoubtably it.


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On Mon, 21 Jun 2004 15:57:19 -0400
Randy Ramsdell <rramsdel comcast xxx> wrote:

Well, it turns out it was being mounted as vfat. I have no idea where
that is coming from. Again, fstab is not set for this partition.
I've seen users formatting FAT partitions with ext3. Try

 fdisk -l /dev/hdb ; parted /dev/hdb print

as fdisk lists the partition types and GNU parted tries to detect the
filesystem type.

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The partition has always been correct and is Linux (83).

But, this actually showed me what the problem is with mount and it never even crossed my mind to check this.

The LABEL was left as  MSDOS on the drive, doh!

I should have caught this, because we all know shold know about labels RH put in its fstab file. BTW, I always change RH's fstab labels with the real partition names.

Thanks for all the tips.


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