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RE: Linuxconf replaced by what?

On Mon, 2004-06-21 at 15:15 +0100, Hugh Foster wrote:
> > If it says "No such file or directory" then you need to make sure 
> you've installed the system-config-network-tui package.
> Ah-ha... 
> As I'd only just built it, I'm gonna go back and start again and put X
> on, just to work through the config, sad isn't it - trained on VMS in
> the dim-and-distant and now too GUI-dependent to debug this sort of
> problem. 

Ah yes, VMS - TS-11s and TK-50s - makes floppy boot seem downright
modern.  Well they did finally get a sort-of-GUI in DECwindows, and then
a primitive X-10, some time before M$ got a good chunk of the
development team and then DEC got eaten by Compaq/HP, but they did give
us maddog Hall, the godfather of Linus' children.

> Thanks everyone for the help - I have the messages tucked away to
> refer to as I work throuugh this :)

There really should be a better way to do this stuff on a minimal system
without installing GUI tools.


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