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Re: Restore Grub

admin kclinux net wrote:

I have a client that develops in both Windows and Linux. They're using desktops that used to dual boot Windows 2000 and Fedora Core 2. We're about to roll out Windows XP Pro to each of the workstations, and when I tested on one of them today, the Windows XP install wrote over the MBR and now Grub no longer comes up, just boots straight into Windows XP. I searched the archived and say "grub-install \dev\hda" as a suggestion, but when I boot off the FC2 CD, it doesnt have grub-install anywhere on the CD. Can someone give me another suggestion?

What you need to do, when booting into recue mode, is to chroot /mnt/sysimage to get the environment with the grub-install command. Then you should be able to run grub-install /dev/hda. This should undo the XP writeover.


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