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Error on first boot

Sup everyone!

I have just finished installing a brand new fresh copy of Fedora Core
2. Very nice and simple. But now once everything is done a Fedora
boots up for the first time I get the following error:

checking root partition:
fsck.ext3: unable to resolve 'LABEL=/'

Then after that I get the command line for some maintenance which I
don't really know how to use or what to do.

I was also talking on #fedora and I was told to check everything with
fdisk and to see if it matched fstab. I did and everything looked OK
to me. What I did see was at the very top, the first two lines:


LABEL was set to both root and my boot partition. Don't know if thats
normal. Any suggestions? Any reply would be greatly appreciated and
have a great day!

- Miguel
radioact1ve gmail com

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