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> After I upgraded Core 1 to Core2 I get a error after I log in.  The error is
> "Error activating XKB configuration", "Probably internal server problem". "X
> Server Version Data:  The x.org Foundation 60700000"  -The result of xprop
> -root | grep xkb,  -The result of gconftool-2
> -R/desktop/gnome/penipherals/keyboard/xkb"  What is causing this and what
> can I do to fix it.  It still lets me get in and work but I get the error
> every time I log in.  Thank You in advance.

ls /etc/X11 - look for a file called xorg.conf, if it doesn't exist,
continue with the following
cd /etc/X11
vi XF86Config
Under the xkb options, you'll see a line which says Option xkbrules XF86
(or something similar). Change the XF86 to xorg




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