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Re: PDF Print Server

> Is there such a thing?
> I want to build a pdf printer similar to Adobe, and I want to print in
> pdf on my network and share it with everyone. I once heard that there
> was a PDF print server, is there one????
> Please help me find one. It will be cool if this server was a web
> base???

I am not sure about adobe stuff since I've never seen it. So I'll just
assume your talking about printing via IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) If
this is the case, all you are asking for is a 'virtual printer' to convert
files to pdf since CUPS already does all of the IPP stuff on it's own (it
even has its own web interface also).

Anyways, you could use cups-pdf... It just dumps the pdf's to a
/var/spool/cups-pdf/user directory and you could alias out apache to
share/browse whatever directory you want people to see and/or setup a
samba share.


Don't know if that helps.


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