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Re: FC2 doubtful quality?

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On Tuesday 22 June 2004 09:51, Dexter Ang wrote:

Hi -

> Realibility will depend on the number of people testing "test" releases.
> If you want a quality release, you should help out by testing and
> reporting bugs. If you can't afford to use your machine for testing,
> your best hope is to report bugs and wait for fixes. There really is so
> many hardware to test on, that the chances of certain configurations not
> working is very high.

To be fair  this is not the only factor: witholding the release until the 
nastiest known bugs are squished is as critical.  This is a pure RH decision.

I thought you made a good answer Dexter, but I have seen a lot of posts lately 
blowing off all criticism of FC2, when there clearly have been serious 
troubles.  Acknowledging the problems and going on in a way to avoid them 
next time would be the right solution.

> > My question now is whether I should give up on FC2 (I'm really tempted)
> > and go back to FC1 or hang in there.

Only you can answer this.  Despite the hassle, gaining experience with the 2.6 
kernel and the latest stuff is valuable.  I guess it turns on whether you see 
hassle has that upside or if it just hassle to you.

> > - Will I experience more of these surprises with FC2?

Probably, but SuSE for example has its share of 2.6-related surprises too it 

> > - How fast will issues be attented to through updates? The PCMCIA issue
> > is known, so is the ide_info issue (since FC2 test3), but still no fix
> > today.

The RH folks pick their own targets and will get to stuff at their own speed 
(this is the same everywhere of course).  I had a bug with memory management 
in the kernel that sat there in Bugzilla for months and months, it got 
mentioned in the list recently [NB: with a link to the Bugzilla entry to make 
it easy for them], somebody from RH looked at it then and it was fixed 
quickly and very effectively.  So I think mentioning your problem from time 
to time on the list with a Bugzilla link may jog memories.

> > - Is this what we have to expect from a "community distro" in the long
> > run? As with RH9 the last consumer-distro is discontinued, my logical
> > conclusion would then be to leave RH behind and move on to another
> > packager, say Suse?

SuSE may not be the panacea you are hoping for, it certainly isn't any more 
community driven than Fedora.  I know SuSE fanboys are using the FC2 problems 
to beat FC2 users up, since I had some of that myself, but have a look around 
on the SuSE user ml archives and you'll see a similar amount of difficulties.  
Some folks have recommended Debian as the next stop if Fedora is not 
inclusive enough.  There was also some "community" distro Bruce Perens was 
starting up, but he picked Gnome as the single official desktop for it and 
that is a big turn-off for me at least.

> > A bit disappointed,

It could have done with a release delay by a few weeks.  But it is not 
actually as bad in the general case as your bad experience has indicated to 

BTW you mention USB/updfstab: something is really screwed with USB in current 
(RH?) kernels at the moment, leading to data loss on transfers from USB 
Storage devices like cameras.  

- -Andy

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