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Re: FC2 doubtful quality?

On Tue, Jun 22, 2004 at 11:51:16AM +0100, Andy Green wrote:
> It could have done with a release delay by a few weeks.  But it is not 
> actually as bad in the general case as your bad experience has indicated to 
> you.

Or a re-release of the ISOs, e.g. to fix the ASUS board boot issues and
others. I still wonder why the updates boot.iso is still only on Arjan V.'s 
personal page and not officially released as a bugfix. (BTW: great work
on fixing that bug!)

An similarly of course with the Windows dual-boot issue, although one
could say that there is no complete fix yet, only a set of recipes to
recover after the problems, or to prevent them from happening. But if
there were an universal fix, it should be in the installer since that is
the only place were the original partition table is available, so there
it is still possible to save the C/H/S values to be restored later.

On the other hand, FC2 works fine if you just take the time to read the
archives and search the internet for answers. It was never intended as a
"plug & play" OS for the clueless and inexperienced.

David Jansen

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