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Re: Who is using ipv6 ... where to start.

On Mon, Jun 21, 2004 at 09:26:39PM -0700, Kenneth Porter wrote:
> --On Monday, June 21, 2004 9:20 AM -0400 "Michael H. Warfield" 
> <mhw wittsend com> wrote:

> >If you're on DSL or Cable Broadband, you'll have no problems
> >and those providers are so far behind the times they don't even recognize
> >that you're running IPv6 over their networks and none of their blocking
> >has any effect on your IPv6 traffic, so, yes, you can run servers on
> >IPv6 even when you can't on IPv4.

> So if one is on say, Comcast or Speakeasy (neither of whom appear to have 
> AAAA records on the base name), can one get a routable IPv6 address? Or 
> must one tunnel at this point?

	I love either-or questions like this.

	The answer is...  Yes!

	Yes, you can get routable IPv6 addresses.  But, you have to tunnel
to get to your tunnel broker.  Tunneling is nothing more than a transport
encapsulation.  Nothing magic there.  Just like ppp is a tunneling
encapsulation.  You're just connection your gateway up to the broker's
gateway and the transport protocol happens to be IPv4, instead of PPP
or PPPOE or ATM or Ethernet.  Same principle applies.  Your addresses
are all routable (and the routing is independent of IPv4 - I love it
when someone tries to claim "but IPv4 is doing the routing") and you've
merely connect up your gateways.  Oh...  And there are times when setting
up my internal tunnels between several SLA's that I use PPP over stunnel
rather than SIT.  The issue of gateway connecting transports is completely
orthogonal to the issue of IPv6 routing and addressing.

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