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Re: FC2 doubtful quality?

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Patrick Boutilier wrote:

Unhappy customer: "This car I got from you last week doesn't run well at
all.  Sometimes, it doesn't start and, every so often, it stalls, even
on the freeway at high speed."

Salesman: "Well then fix it. You have the tools."

hmmm .... nope, doesn't sound persuasive in *that* context, either.

If you went into the car lot and they gave you a car for free, why not?

Do you realise what a dis-service you do to Fedora
by suggesting that because it is free
you shouldn't complain if it doesn't work?

File a bug report but don't get all PO'ed if it doesn't get fixed right away. You seem to think that Fedora owes you support or something.

In my (very long) experience the quality of Unix/Linux/RedHat/Fedora is very high and does not need "salesmen" telling you that you mustn't expect it to work properly.

All software has bugs.
These are due to mistakes on someone's part,
and should be corrected as soon as possible.

If you can't wait until they are fixed fix them yourself or use something else. You have a choice.

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