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Re: FC2 doubtful quality?

On Tue, Jun 22, 2004 at 10:50:56AM -0300, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> >> It is all your choice. No one is forcing you to use FC2.
> > to those folks who habitually respond to critisicm of FC 1/2 with
> > this annoying, circle-the-wagons, defensive mentality, a piece of
> > advice: grow up.
> Err...  Let's make it a bit different:
> - Should I have cereal or eggs this morning?
> - Dunno, it's really your choice.
> What's there of annoying, circle-the-wagons or defensive mentality in
> the advice above?  Isn't it the only possible answer that doesn't try
> to be an `I know better than you, so I'll make choices and decisions
> that you should actually be making yourself'?'

The "cereal or eggs" question is not really analogous here.

Let's say a cereal manufacturer provided you with some free cereal.  The
cereal was not satisfactory to you.  You write to the cereal
manufacturer saying, "Your cereal just didn't work out for me due to x,
y, and z."  Fill in x, y, and z as appropriate. :-)

The cereal manufacturer could say, "Well, eating our cereal is your
choice.  No one is forcing you to eat it."

That would be an acceptable response from them.  After all, it is true;
you have the ability to choose another breakfast food.

However, a better response from the manufacturer might be: "Thanks for
pointing this out to us.  Let's work on recifying x, y, and z.  Oh, by
the way, here's the recipe to our cereal, so if you have the know-how,
you can help us fix it."

Even though it has been spearheaded by RedHat, Fedora Core a community
effort.  Let's work on making it better.

PS. In my experience, the cereal has been very tasty. :-)

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