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Don Dupy fedora at
Tue Jun 22 19:09:11 UTC 2004

I for one am sticking with FC1, for now
With all the posts, I am real leary of going to FC2.
It's doing everything I want it to do and doing it well.

I will switch to FC2 when I feel it's bugs are for the most part "squshed"

I am using it for a server, though.This may be ok in FC2. It may be all
the X related stuff that everyone is having problems with. For the most
part, that is what it looks like.
I am still just leary, so for now it's FC1 for me........

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On Tue, 22 Jun 2004, Andy Green wrote:

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> On Tuesday 22 June 2004 09:51, Dexter Ang wrote:
> Hi -
> > Realibility will depend on the number of people testing "test" releases.
> > If you want a quality release, you should help out by testing and
> > reporting bugs. If you can't afford to use your machine for testing,
> > your best hope is to report bugs and wait for fixes. There really is so
> > many hardware to test on, that the chances of certain configurations not
> > working is very high.
> To be fair  this is not the only factor: witholding the release until the
> nastiest known bugs are squished is as critical.  This is a pure RH decision.
> I thought you made a good answer Dexter, but I have seen a lot of posts lately
> blowing off all criticism of FC2, when there clearly have been serious
> troubles.  Acknowledging the problems and going on in a way to avoid them
> next time would be the right solution.
> > > My question now is whether I should give up on FC2 (I'm really tempted)
> > > and go back to FC1 or hang in there.
> Only you can answer this.  Despite the hassle, gaining experience with the 2.6
> kernel and the latest stuff is valuable.  I guess it turns on whether you see
> hassle has that upside or if it just hassle to you.
> > > - Will I experience more of these surprises with FC2?
> Probably, but SuSE for example has its share of 2.6-related surprises too it
> seems.
> > > - How fast will issues be attented to through updates? The PCMCIA issue
> > > is known, so is the ide_info issue (since FC2 test3), but still no fix
> > > today.
> The RH folks pick their own targets and will get to stuff at their own speed
> (this is the same everywhere of course).  I had a bug with memory management
> in the kernel that sat there in Bugzilla for months and months, it got
> mentioned in the list recently [NB: with a link to the Bugzilla entry to make
> it easy for them], somebody from RH looked at it then and it was fixed
> quickly and very effectively.  So I think mentioning your problem from time
> to time on the list with a Bugzilla link may jog memories.
> > > - Is this what we have to expect from a "community distro" in the long
> > > run? As with RH9 the last consumer-distro is discontinued, my logical
> > > conclusion would then be to leave RH behind and move on to another
> > > packager, say Suse?
> SuSE may not be the panacea you are hoping for, it certainly isn't any more
> community driven than Fedora.  I know SuSE fanboys are using the FC2 problems
> to beat FC2 users up, since I had some of that myself, but have a look around
> on the SuSE user ml archives and you'll see a similar amount of difficulties.
> Some folks have recommended Debian as the next stop if Fedora is not
> inclusive enough.  There was also some "community" distro Bruce Perens was
> starting up, but he picked Gnome as the single official desktop for it and
> that is a big turn-off for me at least.
> > > A bit disappointed,
> It could have done with a release delay by a few weeks.  But it is not
> actually as bad in the general case as your bad experience has indicated to
> you.
> BTW you mention USB/updfstab: something is really screwed with USB in current
> (RH?) kernels at the moment, leading to data loss on transfers from USB
> Storage devices like cameras.
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