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Re: FC2 doubtful quality?

Keith Lofstrom wrote:
This is a debate between the complainers and the excuse-makers.

The complainers (which include me) want responsible behavior.  The
excuse-makers claim that the users who complain aren't worthy.

I have been using Redhat for years. I still have RH9 on 3 machines.
I am using Fedora Core 1 on two machines, and Fedora Core 2 on another.
Like my fellow complainers, I am also considering replacing them all
with SUSE or Debian.

I would dearly love for the fedora model to work;  there are some
excellent people contributing here.  But there are also those who
get their kicks by abusing newbies and playing power games.  They
make the whole fedora and linux community look bad.


FC2 is indeed "doubtful quality". You should be very skeptical
before loading it. That doesn't make it "bad", it just makes it
incompatable with the goals of many users. FC2 is a race car, not
a BMW, and it should be advertised as the former and not the latter. Again, look at the website!

Fellow complainers, pay close attention to the excuse makers. An
excuse is a promise to repeat the same behavior in the future. If
you feel that the excuse-to-solution ratio is too high, perhaps it
is indeed time to look for more professional behavior elsewhere. I have a colo site with bandwidth. Does anyone know how to set up
a mailing list? We could call it "redhat-recovery" and focus on
techniques for moving on. Then we could leave these other happy
folks to quietly enjoy their sandbox.


Keith, I will agree with most of what you say. Around work here, some people are using FC2 and they are happy. They are also more experienced with dealing with all the little problems that they run across. I for one will wait until FC2 is much more stable for use at work.

At home I am waiting for Nvidia to get a new driver to work.

Now on the quality I will agree that Fedora is a "test bed" moreso than other distros so it isn't fair to compare it with a commercial distribution. Some of the issues that many are having have also been brought up in the press. In all the articles that I have read, it is refered to Red Hat's Fedora project. There is association between Fedora and RH.

FC2 as stated by many others have a large number of issues that are upsetting old users and new users alike. These issues such as the dual boot problem are usage killers. Some people go into panic mode at the first sign of a problem.

As some people have issues with certain hardware not being supported, that happens. I have had this happen in the past with video cards moving from XFree86 3.x to 4.x but this is progress.

Now the issue of possible or preceved abuse of newbies, well that I have seen or at least sensed by some of the responses. Searching archives is one idea but searching archives isn't always that sucessful. That is why people come to the forum for answers.

I moved to RH from Slackware in the 90's with RH 4.x and have stuck with it. I was tempted to give Gentoo a try but due to some standard questions I think I will stay with Fedora for now.

I have issues with FC1 but many of these are related to things I have done. I also know that until many applications are available for FC2, I cannot move.

FC2 is a major change and there are alot of areas that bugs or issues can hide. These will work their way through and be corrected but it will take time. I will say that I think the pressure of meeting a set date did cause FC2 to be issued to soon. Each new release should be better than the one that it is replacing. I don't think FC2 is at this point, at least not for me.

Robin Laing

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