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Re: problems with mail

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Mo, den 21.06.2004 schrieb Jeff Vian um 23:04:

We recently had an extended power outage at a remote site and one of my servers was shutdown hard.

After power was restored (3 days later) and it came back up I have been having problems with mail.
I first noticed it when my daily logwatch reports were no longer being sent.
On further investigation I find that I cannot even send mail from one user to another on the same box.

I have done a complete update, replaced procmail and sendmail, rechecked all the configs in case something had gotten hosed, and rebooted several times as well as restarting services. Nothing has worked so far.

Does anyone have pointers on where to look for this type problem?

What does the /var/log/maillog say when trying to send a mail locally? Does the sendmail daemon run (2 processes!)? Please provide us with error messages or don't you get any feedback when sending a mail? How do you send? If you send a test mail locally by running something like "date | mail -s "test mail" recipient localhost", is that accepted without any complaint?


I also checked my firewall on this server and disabled it for testing, with no effect.

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