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Re: *nice* maillog output

Trevor wrote:

Yeah, it sounds like a lot of work.  Unless you are wretchedly poor, 17" and
19" CRT monitors have become very affordable.  Most people are dumping CRT's
in favor of LCD screens, so used monitors are even cheaper.  Plus, you will
be FAR more efficient working on a better monitor in your day-to-day
administration of your Linux computer.  14" is a pretty small monitor.

Of course, you can always forward the mail content to a website or e-mail
address and view it with your desktop computer. Just pipe to output to your
e-mail address.

oh.. it's not that.. it's just a spare monitor permanently showing this output.. i don't use it for any other work really.. it just sits on top of the mail server making my office look important.. lol

my desktop machine is a dual-head 19" with a half-decent box.. :)

just thought I'd make the output look a little tidier.. but I suppose all that info makes the box "incomprehensible to the average viewer who walks in my office therefore justifying my existence".. lol

will try Scot's advice and grep out some stuff.. might make it look a little nicer :)

Thanks guys


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