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Re: Boot Issues with FC2

The motherboard is An Asus P4S333 - had exactly the same problem on an ASUS CUSL2-C. I've played with both "Pug & Play OS: Yes" and "no" - just out of desparation.

What totally bewilders me is these are two different ISO images from two different mirrors - two different machines. All with the same exact problem after an absolute minimum install - using the auto-partition built-in to Fedora. That being the case, this should be a much more common problem - but my searches seem to indicate that it's very uncommon. Not a single tip so far in the right direction. Totally amazing.

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On Tue, Jun 22, 2004 at 08:44:07PM +0000, Lonnie Santella wrote:
> Can someone please take a shot at this? seems like a fundamental problem,
> but I've exhausted all my resources. All support docs seem to suggest the
> same thing, which doesn't work: directories relative to /boot.
> Bottom line is, Red Hat 9.0 installs fine on same machine - but FC2 always
> produces the same problem (below).
> Here?s a quick review of my environment:
> (1) Always a COMPLETELY clean install ? using Drive Image utility to erase
> all partitions and restore MBR.
> (2) Two machines, both Asus P4 clones with 1 GB RAM, and 1 Western Digital
> 20 GB hard drive each.

What motherboard are you using? More harware info may help diagnose
this. With as much research as you've done I'm sure you know
there's a problem with the Asus P4P800 motherboard, but it's worth
a shot.

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