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Re: problems with mail (FIXED)

Am Di, den 22.06.2004 schrieb Jeff Vian um 23:05:

> I hate replying to myself. ;-)
> I made one more attempt, and did a delete of both sendmail and 
> sendmail-cf packages.
> I reinstalled them both and rebuilt the sendmail.cf file for my site 
> from scratch. Then sendmail started working properly.
> As I figured, it was a borked config, but apparently it was in the 
> sendmail-cf package and not in sendmail as I originally thought.  Go 
> figure.
> Thanks for the clues Alexander.

Sorry Jeff that I overlooked your 2 postings in this thread from the
past couple hours. But glad that you found the trouble maker! :)

Btw. from your given logfile snipplets it seems that the submit.cf was
broken in some way.


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