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Re: can not access the internet

I changed the sysctl .conf file, but it doesn't work yet.
BTW, for NAT, I allow allow every package comes from the remote dialup ipaddress to everywhere, and if the destination if the ip address, the destination is ignored. Those apply for both INPUT and OUTPUT packages.

antonio montagnani wrote:

Nina Pham wrote/ha scritto, On/il 22/06/2004 23:21:

Hi I built a linux dialup server. From my pc, I successfully dial in, I can browse the file from my home directory, but I can't ping or access internet, even though I can do all that from the linux box. What are the possibilities cause of that beside the firewall since I already checks the firewall and it ought to work with my current rules. Thanks


1)You have to set your etc/sysctl.conf file as follows:


then you reboot and the machine will act as a router.
But how did you manage the NAT in your iptables rules??
You have the Gateway definition in any Windows machine under the network adapter properties....

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