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Re: YUM Output

At 03:24 PM 6/22/2004, you wrote:
Am Mi, den 23.06.2004 schrieb david um 0:08:
> Folks
> I run the "yum" package from a cron job. When it's finished, cron nicely
> mails me a copy of the results. BUT....since yum outputs all those
> overwritten lines marking real-time progress, I get mail with a lot of "junk".
> I think it's because yum outputs lines using CR to rewrite the line, so one
> gets
> someprogressCRsomemoreprogressCRthelastprogressCRLF
> It looks OK on a real screen, where each line overwrites the previous, but
> in mail it looks bad.
> Is there some way I can direct or control the output of yum to avoid the
> "real-time" updates, and produce only the final results?
$ man yum

Most  command  line  options can be set using the configuration file as
well and the descriptions indicate the necessary  configuration option
to set.

-d [number]     Sets  the  debugging  level  to  [number] - turns up or
                down the amount of things that are printed. Practical
                range: 0 - 10
-e [number]     Sets the error level to [number] Practical range 0 - 10.
                0 means print only critical errors about which you must
                be told. 1 means print all errors, even ones that are
                not  overly  important.  1+ means print more errors (if
                any) -e 0 is good for cron jobs.

So try "yum -d 0 -e 0 "

> David

I guess I missed that in the "man" listing. I'll let you know when the next updates occur. Too bad yum can't detect a non-terminal output device and ... oh well ...

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