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Re: Helpful signatures?

melgil88 optonline net said:

> Sure, I can do that.  I don't know about the signature thing though; some
> people might be finicky about what they put in their sig.  I personally
> think it's a good idea, and I would put those things in my sig if I posted
> here enough for anyone to see it ;)
> Anybody else have an opinion on the signature idea James has? If people
> like it and want to do it, I'll scratch up a webpage for the 'current
> problems' list and post the link.

Yes, I like the idea of a direct reference to the archives. Is it also
possible to include a mailto: tag, that when clicked will invoke the
user's mail program to start a NEW thread... that might help in cutting
down on thread-hijacking.

I know the mail is not html format, but a number of e-mail clients will
recognize a mailto: item and make it "active" (clickable)

These aren't really things for end-user sig lines, they should be added by
the list server prior to distribution.

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