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Re: RH9 Upgrade to Fedora


If you didn't compile software from source on redhat 9.0, i guess it is ok.
Personaly i upgraded from RH 8 to Fedora core 2, the problems i had with
dependencies were not solved by this upgrade.

A clean install of fedora core 2 solved all depencies problems...., but if
your machine is on a "production" environment you'd better stay on Redhat

If you rely on Graphics with Nvidia, PMCIA, ppp or need better mysql 4.0
support Fedora Core 2 is not the way to go............
Also be aware of some multiboot problems in respect to specific hardware....

If later on it turns out that you have problems some people may say: "don't
complain, it was a free ride" or "This is not Redhat software, it only
sponsored by Redhat"

> Hi,
> Are there any issues upgrading RH9 to Fedora? Will it retain current
> configurations and leave everything intact?
> Thanks,
> -Ray
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