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Re: Selecting Indiviual Packages during install

ne... wrote:

On Jun 23, 2004 at 11:43, Neil Marjoram in a soothing rage wrote:

Can anyone tell me how to select individual packages during an install?


On RH 9 there used to be an option to be able to display all packages
and select the one you needed, now it seems this option has been dropped
so I am only able to choose those packages that are available in the
software groups. I've tried text and expert installations but they are
the same.

As you have found out, that option is now gone. I think if
you do the custom install, you can choose some additional
rpms but the choice is somewhat limited.


IMHO The choice is not limited, and the option is not gone, merely a different approach to the task.

A custom install gives the option to select/deselect a category then within that category select/deselect individual packages.

Also, when the install is complete you have the option to install other packages from CD before you exit the install process.

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