FC1 Updates Failing

James Kosin jkosin at beta.intcomgrp.com
Wed Jun 23 13:29:59 UTC 2004

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Chalonec Roger wrote:
| I am not sure which ones they all were.  I can no longer see the
| original list because I get from up2date "...There was a fatal error
| connecting to the server.  The message was: An Http error occurred
| Status Code:404 Error Message: No Found.
| I get this from two separate servers at two separate locations.
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Is this a fresh install of FC1?  Or is this just something that has just

Are you blocking port 80?  Do you have a firewall setup?  A proxy setup?

I'm trying to cover all bases; because there can even be network problems.
Have you tried yum.... to see if that works.

Ok... Ok...

1)  Step back and think.  What was the last thing that you (or network
admin / provider) changed recently?

2)  Are you behind a firewall?  If so, do you have access to the
configuration, or is it the firewall that comes with FC1?

3)  Is DNS working?  Can you ping say visi.net?  or can you only ping IP
addresses only?

4)  Can you browse the Internet from this machine?  Open the WEB browser
and try http://www.redhat.com .....

Let me know,
James Kosin
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