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Re: FC2 doubtful quality?

On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 00:16, Lee-Win Tai wrote:
> Let's say a cereal manufacturer provided you with some free cereal.  The
> cereal was not satisfactory to you.  You write to the cereal
> manufacturer saying, "Your cereal just didn't work out for me due to x,
> y, and z."  Fill in x, y, and z as appropriate. :-)

Your analogy has a flaw, too: nobody in this thread is criticising
people for filing too many bugzilla reports ("talking to the
manufacturer"). The point of critique is people using their fellow
Fedora users (this list) as a wailing wall.

> The cereal manufacturer could say, "Well, eating our cereal is your
> choice.  No one is forcing you to eat it."

That's what the wailing wall would respond.

> However, a better response from the manufacturer might be: "Thanks for
> pointing this out to us.  Let's work on recifying x, y, and z.  Oh, by
> the way, here's the recipe to our cereal, so if you have the know-how,
> you can help us fix it."

That's the response you would get by filing a proper bug report. It's
just a matter of time, sometimes :)


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