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Re: Installation of RPM's beyond standard Fedora Core 2

Fons van der Beek wrote:

Hi all,

I was googling my way in finding an howto "howto install mysql 4.0 on fedora
core 2", I just found an Italian
website describing this installation, unfortunalty my Italian is not that
good. I followed this mailinglist and I can
totaly imagine why redhat bundles with 3.58, no problem....

But I guess I'am not the onlye one who wants a clean valid installation of
Mysql 4 by rebuilding the source rpm's and a valid integration into Fedora,
with valid dependencies.
Or is this not possible and should I install the software from source (just
as php, apache and so on?)

Thanks in advance..
Fons van der Beek

Here's someone who had no problems with the RPMs from mysql.com:

...  Haven't tried this myself since I found install from source easier
when it came to installing with just the options I wanted.  You might
want to look at "Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Linux" at


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