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Re: How often should prelink run ?

Hi Jakub!

Jakub Jelinek wrote:
On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 07:13:26PM +0200, Hannes Mayer wrote:

Hi all!

I know that prelink'ing is for gathering information about
shared libraries and causes stuff to start faster.

What I have missed so far is how often it should run ?

Is it really necessary for a daily prelink via cron ?

Prelink causes heavy disk activity and CPU utilization on my
machine. I suppose it's sufficent to run it only if I have
updated/installed stuff, right ?

Is it really prelink and not updatedb?

Yep, it is ... I checked "top" I already disabled updatedb for the same reason (HD activity). Now I run it manually every now and then (usually when I can't find a newly created file, but that happens not often. I usually remember my system quite well :-)

The daily prelink job runs in a quick mode, which essentially means
it just stats the 2000 binaries/libraries or how many you have and if nothing
changed since last prelinking, doesn't do much more.

Well, todays prelink job was done in about 2-3 minutes, but CPU went to 97% (quite a long time for ld-linux.so.2) and due my older and thermically problematic machine the CPU temp rises to over 60C, so I try to avoid any unneeded high temps. It's enough when the temp goes that high when I compile stuff.

Of course, if you don't change things very often on your box, you can
choose to run it less often.

I've read in the man page of prelink that if a library is not "in prelink", it doesn't hurt, right ?

Thanks a lot,

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