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Re: FC 2 Reboot problem after Kernel upgrade.

Sorry for my mistake.

Now for my problem,
i understrand what you tell, but with the 2.6.5 reboot command
work fine, with 2.6.6 instead the reboot command stop with this
"restarting system" without power-off and to reboot it i need to
turn off the power with the button.
How can i resolve the problem ?

ne... ha scritto:

On Jun 23, 2004 at 17:54, Franco in a soothing rage wrote:

Hi, i have installed FC 2.0 on my server, than i have
used yum to upgrade all packages including last Kernel
update, after the Kernel upgrade when i reboot -n or
shutdown -r , the server close all services and when
it should must reboot it show restarting system without
power off.
If i reboot the server with the old Kernel it give the
same problem but if i don't update the Kernel the reboot
command work fine.
Any ideas ?!

Yes, please do not hijack threads. Your post has nothing
to do with 'Apache php problem'. Instead of hitting reply
and deleting the previous subject, hilite the reply-to
address and paste that into a new compose window.

And now to your 'problem'. Previous kernel had a problem
in that they would shut down the harddrives on a reboot.
This was the only way to get them to sync and caused a
whole heap of problems. The kernel has now being changed
so that harddrives no longer shutdown. So the current
behaviour with the new kernel is the correct behaviour.


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