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Re: Helpful signatures?

James Wilkinson wrote:

Jonathan Rawle wrote:

Also, I do wish people would stop replying to messages telling people to
search the archive rather than answering questions. In the time you've
written than, you could in many cases answer the question, and you're
generating just as many messages to the groups with the negative reply. If
you don't want to answer, write nothing.

This is a very true statement. I think that unless the search the archives postings were removed from the list, the relevent hits would be lower than the actual clues, fixes or helpful data.

If this is supposed to be a community-supported distribution, and this
list is one of the visible signs of community ...

.... what can we do to make the archive and the other resources more

I think the link on the bottom of each messages should actually state where to find previously posted message online.

I know we have the "To unsubscribe" link at the bottom, but people
obviously aren't finding the archives. Would there be any mileage in
those that conveniently can [1] changing their signatures for this list
to point at the relevant resources? Maybe something like this?

I'll have to search the archives for "search the archives" sometime for a test.


Abandon the search for Truth; settle for a good fantasy.

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