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Re: Pbs of disk access

Am Mi, den 23.06.2004 schrieb D. D. Brierton um 23:07:

> Does anyone know if there is a umask which would leave directories "x"
> for user and group but not ordinary files? I currently use
> users,gid=users,umask=007
> in /etc/fstab for a couple of vfat partitions that I want access to, but
> it is (only a very slight) annoyance that that also makes files have
> permissions -rwxrwx--- whereas I would prefer that for directories and
> have only -rw-rw---- for ordinary files.
> Any suggestions?
> Best, Darren

Why is that a problem for you? It is just cosmetic because FAT
partitions mounted does know nothing about execution permissions - it
does not matter whether an ordinary file is chmod 660 or 770. Use Linux
filesystems if you wish to control permissions which are common on *NIX
systems ;)


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