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FC2: How do you clean-install (rpm) GNOME after (failed?) update?

Hi Folks,

I had spent a good part of my time cleaning up my upgrade
of FC1 to FC2 cleaning up the 'deadwood' from FC1 that no
longer applies to FC2 but for the most part its not that
bad but is getting to be a pain in the keister.

Thanks to Jim Cornette and T. Mitchell for cleanup suggestions
which I followed.  This sorta helped.

I note here that OSS -> ALSA for sound was for the most part "working"
but it failed miserably in getting the right configuration information
into the /etc/modprobe.conf /etc/modules.conf files.  Cut/paste of
my previous ALSA files (from another system) and turning "on" the
volume (from mute) made it work again.

Right now --  I am trying to get GNOME to "look right" It has
this 'ugly' icon set -- appears to use the horse-head icon for
Mozilla, old-style OpenDoc (?) and the Gnome foot (instead of
Redhat's hat)

I tried the simple stuff first. Delete .themes, .icons, .gconf...
.gnome... etc. etc and logged out and back in did not do the trick.
Perhaps some old gnome files are laying around somewhere like

I thought -- why not use rpm -e gnome-* etc, delete ALL the old
gnome files and then rpm gnome-* ??  But perhaps there is a *lot*
more to it than that?

Pointers anyone?

Best regards,

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