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Re: Firefox Favorites - FC1

On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 10:47:04PM -0400, salvatore wrote:

> Potentially dumb question.
> Its my understanding Firefox stores its favorites in a file called
> bookmarks.html.  The files I was able to locate called bookmarks.html
> didnt have the bookmarks the users of the machine have saved...here's
> the output of $slocate bookmarks.html :
> ***
> /usr/bin/firefox/defaults/profile/US/bookmarks.html
> /usr/bin/firefox/defaults/profile/bookmarks.html
> ***
> These two files hold the standard Firefox favorites, but not any of the
> ones we've saved (there are three users on this particular box).  I know
> they're there, as when I launch Firefox as any of the users of this
> machine, I see all of the favs.
> Does FF house its bookmarks elsewhere?  Thanks.

User bookmarks go into ~/.phoenix/default/hgu6qf1i.slt/bookmarks.html

The tilde (~) means home directory.

The 'hgu6qf1i.slt' part will vary from user to user. It's randomly
generated by firefox when it first creates the user's profile.

Anand Buddhdev
Celtel International

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