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Wednesday, June 23, 2004 9:56 PM admin kclinux net added:

> Seems from the past week of everyone talking about Belkin KVM 
> problems, 
> Fedora definitely has a problem with Belkin.  :)

Ah, excuse me, but that would be FC2, and more accurately the 2.6
kernel, that has the problem with Belkin KVMs (and other makes as well).

I'm using a Belkin OmniView SE 4-port KVM with one windows box and three
FC1 boxes. It works like a charm with a Logitech cordless marble
trackball. Absolutely zero problems. I also have an old Cybex 4-port
with two other FC1 boxes on it and it's working like a charm too. The
mouse wheel works across both with no observable problems whatsoever.

Please see this post for a possible non-FC2 specific fix:


Eric Diamond
eDiamond Networking & Security

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