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Re: Fedora Core 2 on Proliant

Hello Rick,

I've installed FC1/FC2 on several ProLiant servers, not on a ML570 so far though. According to the infos you provided I assume this is a G1 server. Chipsets, SMART Array controllers etc. are very similiar, use same driver modules (cciss i.e.). Most of the times I've never had any issues with hardware / driver support, it ran out of the box. Never have bothered to install server agents, since there are no packages supplied for FC by HP/Compaq.

Give it a try, it runs pretty good.


Rick Lim wrote:
I have a friend that wants me to install Fedora Core2 on a

Proliant ML 570r
Processors: Four (4) processors installed, P III XEON 700 MHz - 1 MB Cache
Memory Installed: 2 GB
CDROM: Installed
NIC: NC3123 Fast Ethernet NIC PCI 10/100 controller featuring Wake On LAN
Raid Controller: Compaq 4200 Two Channel RAID Controller Installed and RAID
5 Configured.
Hard Drives: 6 x 18.2 GB Ultra 2 Black Hot swap

Has anyone 'been there, don dat, won the t-shirt' ?


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