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Re: Windows partition

Thanks Brent and Jeff for your help, here are a few more clues to the puzzle, and I think the module is upset about the name

when I try and mount the ntfs system I get the following,

[root localhost software]# mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/windows -t ntfs -r
mount: fs type ntfs not supported by kernel

but when I boot and choose the non 8kstacks kernel, it works fine.

I will try the -f suggestion, but what is the module name?  the rpm name?

thanks guys


Brentley wrote:


You say it does not work and it does work, but are not specific about
the errors seen, conditions, or what is being tested.

I agree, you haven't given enough information, but I'll take a stab at
it anyway....

The module was probably compiled for a specific kernel version, and
it's thrown by the 8kstacks on the end of the name... try

modprobe -f modulename

The -f will force the loading of the module... let us know if that works.



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