Flame on Disk Druid

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Thu Jun 24 12:19:47 UTC 2004

Doncho N. Gunchev wrote:

>> I just installed Fedora-2 on a new machine,
>> and found Disk Druid quite useless at partitioning the machine.

>     You don't say anything specific here. I used Disk Druid all the
> time and never had so serious problem (only once selecting to format
> the free space with FC2) and I do not use standard/simple setups.

I think I explained my situation pretty clearly.
I have a 240GB disk.
The first partition on this is a 60GB NTFS partition.
The second partition is a 4GB "Win 95 Extended" partition,
containing a 4GB FAT32 partition.

DiskDruid would not allow me to use the remaining 180GB for Linux.
The "automatic" option failed,
and when DiskDruid was invoked it refused all choices I made.

Others have explained clearly how I could have invoked fdisk directly,
rather than through Knoppix as I did.

This is evidently a choice which some people either wish to make
or (as in my case) have to make.
I am asking that it should be an explicit choice,
as it used to be in RedHHat.

I don't understand the attraction of DiskDruid.
It seems to me inferior in almost every way to fdisk.

Where there is an established program which works perfectly well,
I don't see the point in suppressing it.

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