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Re: Problems with FC 2 - Touch-pad and PCMCIA Ethernet card

Scot L. Harris wrote:
On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 04:04, Daniele Masini wrote:

I change the line as you told me, and the system now can see my Ethernet PCMCIA card. But the eth0 interface does not come up. So, after the boot my Ethernet PCMCIA card lights are on but I have

I learned from the list that to get a pcmcia network card to start on
boot up you need to tell it NOT TO START ON BOOT in the network
configuration window.

Yes, I know. My PCMCIA Ethernet card is configured as NOT TO START ON BOOT. So I expected that the card works as in FC1, so after the boot the card sould be up. But it does not work since I type the command

# cardmgr

After that infact the eth0 interface is finally up. Why?
Can you help me?



This still seems very odd, but it works. What happens is when the pcmcia services get started (after the network services) the card will automatically come on line.

Give it a try. It worked for me and several others here.

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