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Re: FC2 to RH9

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Ted Gervais wrote:

| Has anyone thought of going back to RH9?  That release had virtually no
| problems and while it was the last supported release it still is/was
| better than the fedora distributions.  I am thinking of the problems
| with the sound, scanners, and other hardware devices and applications.
| I would have thought that after FC1 that FC2 would have had all the
| current concerns fixed and it would have been as good as RH9.  Turns
| out, it is many steps behind the last RedHat release and makes one
| wonder about continuing.
| Anyway - just wondering if others have had the same thought about going
| back to what was better than the current FC2 release??
| ---
| Ted Gervais,
| Coldbrook, Nova Scotia, Canada

Better, How?

- -------
No support.
No further fixes to bugs / problems / security concerns.
Only update to stable RH Enterprise Edition available at $$$$$...

Fedora Core
- ------------
Bleeding edge technology.  (Usually means troubles possible)
Supported by OpenSource community.
Free....  (I can't get past this one)

I've had little problems with all releases of Redhat and now Fedora Core
releases are proving only small problems (here and there).  It's to be
expected.  FC1 was a merge of RH and what Fedora had already started
with the previous work.  FC2 is an attempt to incorporate some of the
newer applications and technologies out there.  Granted, not everyone is
pleased but change is usually a good thing.  Fedora is more for
developers and testers of the future of Linux.  We get the bugs and work
on them before others have to.  Otherwise, Fedora is no better than
RH7.3 running a 2.0.11 kernel.  I'm not knocking the users of RH7.3, I
know there are still some out there.

I'm just getting a little outraged by the comments lately about FC being
stable, safe and secure without any problems.  If that is what you want,
I say "Go back to RH8 and leave the testing to the experts and people
willing to try."  Don't complain... If it is broken, (1) try to find out
why [google search and explore], (2) post a bugzilla BUG report if you
truly feel this is a problem, (3) start researching yourself as to the
problem while waiting, (4) post a question here if you think someone can
help, (5) keep plugging away .....

Note:  If you find a patch for the problems you are having, almost
anyone here (especially me on occasion) is willing to roll-out a special
package RPM to solve your problems.

James Kosin

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