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RE: FC2 to RH9

Thursday, June 24, 2004 8:00 AM Ted Gervais
> Has anyone thought of going back to RH9?  That release had 
> virtually no 
> problems and while it was the last supported release it still 
> is/was better 
> than the fedora distributions.  I am thinking of the problems 
> with the 
> sound, scanners, and other hardware devices and applications. 
>  I would have 
> thought that after FC1 that FC2 would have had all the 
> current concerns 
> fixed and it would have been as good as RH9.  Turns out, it 
> is many steps 
> behind the last RedHat release and makes one wonder about continuing.
> Anyway - just wondering if others have had the same thought 
> about going 
> back to what was better than the current FC2 release??

Back to RH9, no. But quite frankly, I've been staying away from FC2. 

With all the noise about various HW problems with the 2.6 kernel, both
the vanilla and fedora specific versions, combined the fact that I'm
partial to both Nvidia video boards and the NForce chipset, well lets
just say that I don't think it's quite ready for prime time yet.

I am however running FC1 on numerous boxes, for both business and play,
and couldn't be happier.

I'm a little worried about the upcoming EOL, and haven't been convinced
yet that the Fedora Legacy Project is going to be able to keep up, so
I've started looking for alternatives for my production boxes. At this
point the frontrunner is WBEL, but the race has not been won yet.

Eric Diamond
eDiamond Networking & Security

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