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Re: No Sound - FC2 - On board Abit-KV7

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On Thursday 24 June 2004 15:48, NiceBloke wrote:

> 1] What does PCM stand for?

Pulse Code Modulation.  It refers to the business of having discrete, linearly 
coded samples of sound at a fixed rate.

> 2] What does 'VIA DCS'  mean?
> 3] In kmix, one of the 4 'VIA DCS' bars has it's slider right the way
> up to max - this seems to override even the master control slider -
> could this be the cause of my problems.

I read some ALSA docs once that mentioned different revs of the Via soundchip 
have various combinations of 2-channel PCM mapped to 6-channel out, and 6 
discrete PCM channels mapped to 6 outs, not sure which this DCS thing is.  
For 2-channel out I don't think it is critical.

On the crackle, many sound "cards" nowadays require you to playback at 48kHz 
to work properly, otherwise you get what can be described as "choppy and 
tinny" sound.

Mplayer can do this (-af resample=48000  IIRC) but you can also get Alsa to do 
it, I fiddled with this the other day and ended up with

pcm.fixed {
   type plug slave {
        pcm "hw:0,0"
        rate 48000

in a file ~/.asoundrc

- -Andy

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