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Re: lame servers resolving

Am Do, den 24.06.2004 schrieb olga urbantimes net um 16:56:

> Since I am on the topic of logs... Here's another question.
> I am getting a lot of 'lame server resolving' messages in the
> /var/log/messages.
> Here's an example:
> Jun 24 09:02:25 isis named[1340]: lame server resolving
> '' (in '68.90.80.in-addr.arpa'?):
> Is this normal or does it mean that something is misconfigured or missing
> in the bind configuration.
> Olga

You can safely ignore such lame server messages, or even suppress them
with following entry in the logging section of named.conf:

        category lame-servers {

A "lame server" is one that should be authoritative for a zone,
according to the NS records that delegate authority for that zone, but
really isn't, perhaps because it hasn't been configured to load the zone
or because it is a secondary master that has expired the zone.


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