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Re: KVM-additional

No your fine, just remember to search the archives before asking.


Claude Jones wrote:

Ok, Roger that - sorry, too obvious. I tried your fix, and unfortunately, it doesn't work
on my configuration. It's funny. For awhile I booted up in the 2.6.5-1.358 kernel this
morning, and I was switching back and forth just fine. I switched back to the newest
2.6.6-1.435 and it started acting up with the mouse just going crazy, activating windows
and making option selections at random upon the slightest movement. I switched back to the
older kernel, and now, it's acting up. The older kernel is the one I downloaded from the
Fedora site. The newer one was picked up after my install by the update facility.

May I ask, are these type of new-user questions appropriate to this forum? I feel a little
out of league looking at some of the traffic here.

Claude Jones WTVS, Leesburg, VA a division of Levit & James, Inc.

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