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Re: the GIMP causing corruption in X

Andy Green wrote:

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On Thursday 24 June 2004 20:04, Joshua Andrews wrote:

Has anyone noticed that after using the gimp for a while the whole KDE
desktop environment becomes unusable chaos?

I have had some very hard to explain Desktop wierdness associated with
extensive use of the gimp in the past but after the last update I am
getting such bad corruption of the X displays that they become unusable.

Probably the details of what video card and X driver you are using would be useful. I have never seen any weirdness as you describe using the opensource nv driver on this machine, and I use Gimp now and again.

- -Andy

I don't think it is a driver issue more like a KDE window manager issue.

As I said it is hard to describe; the window title bars seem to dissapear and all workspaces get crammed into one, the kicker or panel deal becomes hidden or useless --like I said chaos. The pointer still works with whatever menus are present .

I am using a Radeon 7200 with the stock driver.

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