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Re: DNS and Postfix

Am Do, den 24.06.2004 schrieb Abraham Ganem um 21:46:

> I'm new to Linux and I choose to use Fedora Core 2 for my Internet Server.  It is running with
> excelente speed with the Squid Cache server, but I haven't been able to configure DNS and
> Postfix.  I've read a lot about both issues but still not able to make them work.  I'd like to ask
> you for help.

> Abraham Ganem

Your request is too unspecific. DNS and Postfix setup is filling books.
You will need to read documentation and then ask specific questions
about things you don't understand or which act different than you


P.S. Please do not send HTML formatted mails to this list, just plain
text only. Thanks your respecting the netiquette.

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