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Re: relaying denied

Am Do, den 24.06.2004 schrieb olga urbantimes net um 21:42:

> So for those entries (with higher and lower MX) in the DNS setup to work
> correctly, I would need to configure /etc/mail/relay-domains and
> /etc/mail/mailertable and setup mailboxes for the users on Y to allow mail
> to be picked up by the lower priority MX in case something is wrong with
> the primary MX, otherwise the lower priority entry of the MX record does
> not do anything -- is this correct?

Correct, that you would have to configure your secondary MX server named
X to accept the domains of server Y for relaying to server Y. You do not
need to create the users of Y on X as local users.

You last sentence is incorrect: the lower priority MX record host is not
without consequences! Imagine what happens: a foreign MTA speaks to the
secondary MX server called X and tells him that he wants to pass him
mail for userfoo domain_at_server_y tld  What happens? Server X checks
whether the domains is local - no, it is not - or to be relayed - no, no
such instructions set, nor permissions for the foreign MTA to relay
through server X. Consequence? The incoming mail is rejected with
message "Relaying denied". You remember this sentence? ;)


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